May 30, 2022

The Spring 13 – More than a Spring Clean


Spring is here and so is the time for a fresh start. When we think of Spring cleaning we think of decluttering and cleaning the spots of our homes that get neglected… but it’s so much more than that, right? You don't need another Spring Cleaning checklist, but this? This you'll want to read. Here are 13 tasks to consider when you’re ready for your annual spring clean.

1. Deep clean – I mean, we have to start with this one right? It’s the no-brainer. Every spring clean needs to start with a deep clean. There are so many parts of our homes that get neglected in our daily cleaning routines. Remember when your grout was white? What about what life was like before that layer of dust on your baseboards became a member of the family? Don’t worry – there’s no shame here. Homes are meant to be lived in!

2. Inspection – While a deep clean is a must, inspecting your home is the most important thing on this list. Once your home is clean it’s time to make sure there aren’t any underlying issues that have been hidden over the past year. This will help ensure that you can address issues before it’s too late. Maybe there’s a soft spot on your roof, a tree that is no longer stable, or a pipe that has a leak. Most of the time you don’t know until you look, or worse, when those sort of things go wrong. Inspecting your home is a habit you'll definitely want to pick up!

3. Home maintenance – What keeps you from finding underlying issues in your inspection? Home maintenance! Schedule services like pool maintenance, plan to fix anything discovered in your inspection, replace air filters, check your fire alarm, clean out your dryer vents, etc. A maintained home is a healthy and happy home to live in.

4. Clean up your finances – Did you think about this one? Consider a refinance on your loans, update your budget, put your tax return to good use, check on your investments, set up your will, etc.

5. Finally fix it – Let’s face it, we all have something in our homes that we’ve put a layer of duct tape or hot glue on and said “that’s good enough”. Now it’s time to really fix those things. We see that seal coming off your door and that pipe with three years of duct tape on it. Maybe it's time to turn those quick fixes into a permanent one.

6. Declutter – This is a great time to donate or sell items (hello tax write-off or a few extra bucks in your pocket!) There's a reason yard sales and garage sales are so popular this time of year.

7. Preparation – Most of us don't like to think about the unknown, but we can feel a lot better about it if we're prepared. Take some time to stock up on your staples, make sure that emergency and first aid supplies are working and not expired, rid of expired medicines properly, check your fire alarm, etc. Bonus tip: each part of the country has different things to prepare for. Make sure you prepare for those too. For example, if you live in a hurricane prone area - make sure you have a plan, supplies, and all of the things you need.

8. Give yourself some love – Take some time for yourself. Seriously. Plan a vacation, take a walk, clear your mind, join a yoga class, set up that doctor’s appointment you’ve been avoiding, schedule that hair cut, get your nails done, get your car washed, hire a cleaning service... whatever it is for you - do it. You deserve it.

9. Get ready for the coming season – For this think: pest control, removing weak trees and branches, cleaning gutters, sealing windows, servicing your A/C, checking for flood risks, etc. Getting ready now means actually getting to enjoy your spring and summer months.

10. Clean up your computer and phone – This one isn't always top of mind. Cleaning up your tech helps to protect your files and identity, keep your tech running smoothly, and gives you some peace of mind. This might also be the perfect time to sign up for services like a VPN and take a moment to ensure you can identify scams.

11. Clean your cleaning supplies – Here's one most people forget. Dirty cleaning supplies just make more dirt and bacteria. Make sure you're not turning your home in a science experiment but cleaning and sanitizing your supplies.

12. Update your calendar – We've all forgotten important dates or missed an event because our calendar was outdated. Take some time to fill out the big days for the rest of the year. You'll thank yourself later.

13. Set your goals – New Years Resolutions are great but they don't always stick. By the time Spring rolls around, those resolutions are gone with the wind. Instead try setting some goals for the year this Spring.

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