Mortgage 101

Do's + Don'ts


  1. Make payments on all existing credit accounts, even if it’s just the minimum.
  2. Continue using your existing credit for normal day to day expenses, but strive to avoid large purchases.
  3. Stay organized: Keep all of your bank statements, paystubs, tax returns and other financial documents in a safe place. Your lender may require them for periodic updates during the process. Provide all documents up front and keep copies.
  4. Promptly provide documentation, sign documents, answer questions, etc.
  5. Be flexible and make yourself available for your home inspection and your closing appointment.
  6. Make sure to notify your Loan Officer if:
    • You plan to receive any gift funds for the down payment or closing costs.
    • You have any financial expenditures coming up during the loan process that will lower your assets.
    • You have any upcoming employment changes, raises, promotions, change in pay structure, etc.
    • You are going on vacation or traveling out of town at any time during the process.


  1. Apply for any new credit, open any new credit or bank accounts, transfer balances from one account to another or close any open credit or bank accounts.
  2. Make any large purchases on your current credit accounts or increase your spending on current credit accounts.
  3. Co-sign for anyone else’s home loan, car loan or any other type of debt.
  4. Ignore your credit report. Make sure you confirm the validity of all aspects of your credit report. Reach out to your Loan Officer if you feel there is incorrect information or errors.
  5. Make hasty decisions. Ensure that you understand how every financial move you make could potentially impact your credit profile. Your Loan Officer is there to help you.
  6. Make any type of employment or compensation changes without consulting your loan officer.
  7. Deposit any cash into your bank account without first contacting your loan officer to discuss the documentation requirements. Check with your Loan Officer to ensure they are acceptable. Regardless of whether or not you plan to use the funds for closing, a large deposit into your account could be a red flag and add more work to the loan process.

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